"After spending an hour with Chris,
I quickly determined - that we will be
hearing much more about this bright,
passionate, millennial who will easily
touch millions" - Donna Lang, Business
Coach and Strategist, Atlanta, GA


Author of The Millennial's Guide to Making Happiness

Founder of The Boost - Applied Modern Meditation



Chris Butsch


Early in my professional career, I noticed a drought of happiness affecting my fellow Millennial generation, especially in the workplace. Seeking the answers myself, I could never find the perfect, all-inclusive guide to help young people build happy lives and help other generations understand how we think differently.

So in 2015, I gave up a promising career in project management to write it. I also consult business leaders on how to attract, retain, and motivate Millennial talent. 

Read more about my story and preview a sample of the book below

The Millennial's Guide to Making Happiness

The Millennial’s Guide to Making Happiness is a comprehensive guide to building a happy life in your 20s, supported by science, humor, and anecdotal evidence from hundreds of millennials around the world.  


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Happiness Hacks

Looking to learn some fast happiness before the book comes out? I publish weekly columns summarizing my most poignant findings in The Atlanta 100, an eNewsletter comprising of precisely 100-word articles.

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70 million working Millennials will define the future of business. Yet 63% of employers report struggling to hire and retain Millennial talent. Don’t be a statistic. I can help your members and staff become fluent in the millennial’s working mindset, and help your millennials maximize their potential at work. Happiness has a guaranteed return on investment. 





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